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With a broad range of applications for farm equipment, backhoes, forklifts and other material handling equipment our performance products are the well-known workhorses for any job.
Carlisle Trac Chief® I-3 Angled ViewCarlisle Trac Chief® I-3 Tread

Trac Chief® I-3

Designed for traction on implements and backhoes, the Trac-Chief I-3 tire delivers diverse capabilit...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® F-1 Highway Service Implement Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® F-1 Highway Service Implement Tread

Farm Specialist® F-1

Used for highway service implement applications, the Farm Specialist F-1 tire is specially designed ...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® HF-1 Implement Left Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® HF-1 Implement Tread

Farm Specialist® HF-1

The Farm Specialist HF-1 implement tire is designed for higher performance applications with heavier...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® I-1 Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® Tread

Farm Specialist® I-1

With its wide rib tread design, the Farm Specialist I-1 tire is perfect for flotation on farm implem...
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