Escape to the outdoors with exceptional ride and traction.
With a broad range of utility and performance ATV/UTV tires, we prove that terrain is no match for an aggressively, smooth ride.

PowersportsAll-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
& Utility Vehicles (UTV)

Whether you are trailblazing through the southern plains with your friends, heading to the lake for a weekend fishing trip or showing your family the new hunting spot, you need tires that can withstand your adventures. From multi-terrain conditions, loamy mud, sandy dunes or rocky hills, our Carlisle branded powersports portfolio will give you reliability for whatever terrain you tread on. With heavy duty construction and rugged designs, our tires are engineered for performance and durability.

Outdoor Enthusiast

The Outdoors is calling you.

Carlstar’s line of powersports tires is tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and thrill. Crafted with a focus on performance and durability, these tires excel in various terrains, from rugged trails to off-road expeditions. Whether you’re exploring on an ATV, or enjoying the thrill of off-roading in a UTV, Carlstar tires offer superior traction, stability, and control, ensuring a thrilling and safe riding experience. Our innovative design and high-quality construction are resilient against punctures, cuts, and abrasions, allowing enthusiasts to push their limits without compromising on reliability. With Carlstar powersports tires, outdoor enthusiasts can confidently tackle diverse landscapes, indulge in thrilling rides, and explore new horizons with the assurance of top-notch performance and adventure-ready durability.

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Even though the work may be hard,
your ride doesn’t have to be.

Our tires offer a dependable and smooth ride on any terrain. And at the end of the day when it’s time to reap the benefits of a hard day’s work, jump in your ATV or UTV and hit the trail with piece of mind knowing your tires are engineered for performance.

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Unmatched durability, unrivaled performance: Tires that define professional grade.

Whether you are moving tools around a construction site, herding your cattle for the morning feed or a park ranger checking on a popular campsite, you need to navigate multi-terrain environments and the tires you choose for your ATV or UTV are essential for completing your job. Our Carlisle branded powersports tire line offers stability and performance, with heavy duty ply construction, aggressive designs and a tough-tread rubber compound formulation. Our Carlisle branded tires will get you through mud, gravel, fields or any other challenging terrain.

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Tires in certain agricultural, industrial and other application segments are designed for use with tubes. Correct use of tire tubes can prevent air leakage, sustain long-term use, reduce rolling resistance, support heavy loads, preserve tread life, and offer resistance to age and heat-related failure. Carlisle branded tubes have been designed with the best air retention properties, high dimensional stability during service and reduced equipment downtime.