High-Speed Trailer

As a leader in the trailer tire market, our specialty trailer tires use advanced technology that offers protection and durability for both work and play.

High-Speed TrailerTires & Wheels

Carlstar trailer tires stand as a testament to reliability and performance for a wide array of hauling needs. Engineered with a focus on durability and safety, these tires offer exceptional strength and stability, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for various trailers, from utility trailers to boat trailers and RVs. With a diverse range of sizes and tread designs, Carlstar trailer tires cater to different load capacities and road conditions, providing superior traction and control. Their robust construction minimizes the risk of blowouts and enhances tread life, promising a dependable and worry-free towing experience for both short hauls and long journeys. Whether for commercial or recreational purposes, Carlstar trailer tires guarantee peace of mind and confidence in every haul, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking reliability, durability, and safety on the road.


Rugged, durable, and dependable ideal for farmers and ranchers.

Whether you’re towing your precious livestock or hauling equipment and supplies on the ranch, you need dependability, durability, and safety in the tires you choose. Our high speed trailer tires deliver durable traction and safe steering for multi-terrain conditions.

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Outdoor Enthusiast

Tow your cargo trusting our tire and wheel assemblies will get you to your destination safely.

Whether you are hauling your UTV for some long awaited trail riding, pulling your 60 ft. sailboat to the open waters of the Gulf, or carting the family RV to a western campground, you need dependable trailer tires to get you to your destination.

For every trailer tire you count on, you need a trustworthy wheel. Outfitted with both style and dependability, our trailer wheels are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions on the road. The only thing between your cargo and the concrete road is a set of tires and wheels, so finding the fit for your trailer is crucial. Built around safety and protection, our trailer tires will bring your Passion in Tow.

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Any boat or vehicle owner knows that only the best trailer tires and wheels will do.

You put in a lot of time, money and effort into your equipment so haul your treasures on our trusted Carlisle branded trailer tire and wheel assemblies. Enhanced with modern design and outstanding performance, our trailer tire and wheel assemblies will give you peace of mind when hauling on the road.

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When providing a professional service, multiple pieces of equipment may be required to carry out the job.

We know that hauling your tools needs to be handled with care, and your promise to complete a job should not be delayed because of your trailer tires. Whether you are a painter towing brushes and paint, a farmer hauling a newly purchased farm horse to your ranch, or a remodeling contractor pulling large compressors to the next job site, having durable trailer tires and wheels are crucial for carrying out your professional service. With features like an optimized tread pattern and low profile, our Carlisle branded trailer tires and wheels offer reduced heat buildup and increased tire life giving you the protection and safety your equipment needs.

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Tires in certain agricultural, industrial and other application segments are designed for use with tubes. Correct use of tire tubes can prevent air leakage, sustain long-term use, reduce rolling resistance, support heavy loads, preserve tread life, and offer resistance to age and heat-related failure. Carlisle branded tubes have been designed with the best air retention properties, high dimensional stability during service and reduced equipment downtime.