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CSL 32
Heavy Duty | Large Tractor Applications

CSL 32

Best used for

Large Tractor Applications

The CSL 32 Bias R-1 tire is designed with overlapping center tread lugs to deliver maximum strength. This product is designed to provide maximum performance in both wet and dry soil and offers a great size range and traction for older tractors.

Product highlights:

  • Designed to reduce buildup with a high void self-cleaning design
  • Engineered compound for reduced wear

Technical Specifications

Product Family
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SKUSizePlyMounted width (in)Mounted diameter (in)Rim Width (in)Rated load (lb)Rolling Circumference (in)PSITube TypeWeight (lb)Additional Information
6A0651215.5-38815.561.814408018426Tube Type176.8
6A0650216.9-30816.958.515440017424Tube Type170.2
6A0652216.9-38816.966.315494019824Tube Type198.6
SKUSizePlyMounted width (mm)Mounted diameter (mm)Rim width (mm)Rated load (kg)Rolling Circumference (mm)PSITube TypeWeight (kg)Additional Information
6A0651215.5-388393.71569.7355.61850.74673.626Tube Type80.2
6A0650216.9-308429.31485.93811995.84419.624Tube Type77.2
6A0652216.9-388429.316843812240.75029.224Tube Type90.1

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