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With a broad range of applications for farm equipment, backhoes, forklifts and other material handling equipment our performance products are the well-known workhorses for any job.
Best Used For: Balers,Compact Utility Tractor,Feed Yard Mixers,Front Tractor,Seeders,Spreaders,Wagons

Designed for mowing and turf applications, the R-3 series is engineered with isolated tread elements that create minimal ground disturbance for a turf-friendly result. Made in the USA.

Product highlights:

  • High surface contact with isolated tread elements for excellent flotation
  • Innovative tread design for minimal ground disturbances
  • Superior forward and lateral traction
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Width (INCH)Mounted Diameter (INCH)Rim Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)Rolling Circumference (INCH)PSITube TypeWeight (POUND)Additional Information
156058931x15.5-15814.230.313276090.400045Tubeless58.5Turf Pro Plus R-3
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Width (MILLIMETER)Mounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Rim Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)Rolling Circumference (MILLIMETER)PSITube TypeWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
156058931x15.5-158360.7769.6330.212522296.200045Tubeless26.5Turf Pro Plus R-3

(TT) indicates a tube-type tire.

(TL) indicates a tubeless tires. These tires are not for highway use.     

† Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width

*NOTE: 31x15.5-15 Turf Pro Plus R3 has a max capacity at 30 mph.  

**Turf Pro Plus

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