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CSL 45
Heavy Duty | Large Tractor Applications

CSL 45

Best used for

Large Tractor Applications

The CSL 45 Heavy Duty Skid Steer Series is designed for use in mixed surfaces. The unique tread compound has been formulated to reduce downtime from cuts and punctures.

Product highlights:

  • Optimized lug-to-void volume ratio for stability and tread life
  • Durable tread design for mixed surfaces

Technical Specifications

Product Family
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SKUSizePlyMounted width (in)Mounted diameter (in)Rim Width (in)Rated load (lb)Rolling Circumference (in)PSITube TypeWeight (lb)Additional Information
6A0648210-16.5 NHS1211.130.58.352409290Tubeless66
SKUSizePlyMounted width (mm)Mounted diameter (mm)Rim width (mm)Rated load (kg)Rolling Circumference (mm)PSITube TypeWeight (kg)Additional Information
6A0648210-16.5 NHS12281.9774.7209.62376.82336.890Tubeless30

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