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With a broad range of applications for farm equipment, backhoes, forklifts and other material handling equipment our performance products are the well-known workhorses for any job.
Carlisle Farm Specialist® R-1-HACarlisle Farm Specialist® R-1-HA Tread

Farm Specialist® R-1-HA

Developed with a 45 degree angled tread, the Farm Specialist R-1-HA tire is designed with a straight...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® F-2M Quad Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® F-2M Quad Rib Tread View

Farm Specialist® F-2M Quad Rib

Developed for larger horsepower tractors, the Farm Specialist F-2M is a quad ribbed powerhouse that ...
Carlisle Ultra Guard Angled ViewCarlisle Ultra Guard Tread View

Ultra Guard®

Engineered for severe service skid steers, the Ultra Guard tire is engineered with an open shoulder ...
Carlisle Trac Chief® I-3 Angled ViewCarlisle Trac Chief® I-3 Tread

Trac Chief® I-3

Designed for traction on implements and backhoes, the Trac-Chief I-3 tire delivers diverse capabilit...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® F-1 Highway Service Implement Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® F-1 Highway Service Implement Tread

Farm Specialist® F-1

Used for highway service implement applications, the Farm Specialist F-1 tire is specially designed ...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® HF-1 Implement Left Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® HF-1 Implement Tread

Farm Specialist® HF-1

The Farm Specialist HF-1 implement tire is designed for higher performance applications with heavier...
Carlisle USA Loader® Angled ViewCarlisle USA Loader® Tread

USA Loader®

Engineered with lateral grooves and a "Boot Heel Lug" tread configuration, the USA Loader brings tra...
Carlisle Guard Dog® HD Angled ViewCarlisle Guard Dog® HD Tread

Guard Dog® HD

Designed for heavy-duty skid steers, the Guard Dog HD tire has premium tread compounds for tougher s...
Carlisle FSTR Angled ViewCarlisle FSTR Angled View


The FSTR is a line of R1-W radial tires with rim diameters ranging from a 16" to 48". The radial con...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® F-2 Triple RibCarlisle Farm Specialist® F-2 Triple Rib Tread View

Farm Specialist® F-2 Triple Rib

The Farm Specialist F-2 Triple Rib tire is a proven tire for front steering 2-wheel drive tractor ap...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® F-3 Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® F-3 Tread

Farm Specialist® F-3

Primarily used on front tractor steering applications, the Farm Specialist® F-3 tire offers a rugge...
Carlisle CSL32 Angled ViewCSL 32 Large AG Tire

CSL 32

The CSL 32 Bias R-1 tire is designed with overlapping center tread lugs to deliver maximum strength....
Carlisle Turf Pro R-3 / Turf Pro Plus R-3Carlisle Turf Pro R-3 / Turf Pro Plus R-3 Tread

Turf Pro R-3 Series

Designed for mowing and turf applications, the R-3 series is engineered with isolated tread elements...
Carlisle CSL45 Angled ViewCarlisle CSL45 Skid Steer

CSL 45

The CSL 45 Heavy Duty Skid Steer Series is designed for use in mixed surfaces. The unique tread comp...
Carlisle Xtra Grip® R-4 Angled ViewCarlisle Xtra Grip® R-4 Tread

Xtra Grip® R-4

The Carlisle XTRA Grip R4 tire provides excellent traction for turf and sod applications. This all-p...
Carlisle CSL48 Angled ViewCarlisle CSL48 Large AG

CSL 48

The CSL 48 R3 Diamond Tread tire features a high flotation and turf-friendly design. It is optimal f...
Carlisle WT300 Agriculture TireCarlisle WT300 Agriculture Tire


The WT300 tire is constructed for tractors with less than 30 horsepower. It's low ground pressure en...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® I-1 Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® Tread

Farm Specialist® I-1

With its wide rib tread design, the Farm Specialist I-1 tire is perfect for flotation on farm implem...
Carlisle Farm Specialist® R-1 Angled ViewCarlisle Farm Specialist® R-1 Tread

Farm Specialist® R-1

Elevate the performance of your compact utility tractor with the Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 tire. ...
Carlisle CSL24 Angled ViewCarlisle CSL24 Large Ag Tire

CSL 24

The CSL 24 Bias R1 Tires Series offers an angled tread that provides traction and long life. Its exc...
Ground Force 700 R-4 treadGround Force 700 MX tread

Ground Force® 700

Ground Force® 700 is a radial backhoe tire designed for greater load capacity and more comfortable ...
Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT® Angled ViewCarlisle Ultra Guard LVT® Tread

Ultra Guard LVT®

The Ultra Guard LVT tire is used on hard surface severe-service skid steers. It has a low tread void...
Farm Specialist F-3 Radial Implement Angled ViewFarm Specialist F-3 Radial Implement Tread

Farm Specialist® F-3 Radial Implement

With it's radial construction and IF technology design, this tire is built to carry up to 20% more l...
Multi-Trac CS R-3 yellow wheelMulti-Trac CS R-3 white wheel

Multi-Trac CS R-3

With its squared lugs and wide base for stability, the Multi-Trac CS R-3 is excellent for minimal gr...
Carlisle Trac Chief Angled ViewCarlisle Trac Chief Tread

Trac Chief®

Great for general duty skid steer and compact tractor applications, the Trac Chief and Trac Chief XT...
Ground Force® 600 right angleGround Force® 625 XT right angle

Ground Force® 600 Series

Ground Force® 600 Series is built for backhoe loaders in all weather conditions. With its rugg...
Ground Force 400 Ultra right angleGround Force 400 Ultra right angle

Ground Force® 400 Ultra

The Ground Force® 400 Ultra is a severe service skid steer tire. Its tread depth is 70% deeper than...
CSL66 45 right angled viewCSL66 45 right angled view

CSL 66

The CSL 66 tire has a shoulder designed for traction and to prevent buildup. It also features a trea...
Carlisle Ultra Guard® MX Angled ViewCarlisle Ultra Guard® MX Tread

Ultra Guard® MX

The Ultra Guard MX tire is engineered for multi-surface skid steer applications. Designed with a uni...
Carlisle Agriculture / Construction Tubes Example

Agriculture / Construction Tubes

Agriculture / Construction Tubes
Carlisle Ag Wheels - Reversed and Non-Reversed

AG Wheel

Agriculture Wheels for front tractors, wagons, balers, spreaders, seeders, irrigation systems and fe...
Carlisle Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Equipment

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