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Turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability for your land. Complete any outdoor projects using our robust line of lawn, garden and golf tires.
Carlisle Tru Power Angled ViewCarlisle Tru Power Tread

Tru Power

The Super Lug, Power Trac and Tru Power tires are most often found on garden tractors, tillers and t...
Carlisle Xtrac® Angled ViewCarlisle Xtrac® Tread


The XTRAC tire is excellent for snow throwing equipment and other applications requiring aggressive ...
Carlisle Super Lug Angled ViewCarlisle Super Lug Tread View

Super Lug

The Super Lug tires are most often found on garden tractors, tillers and trenchers. This powerful li...
Carlisle Snow Hog Angled ViewCarlisle Snow Hog Tread

Snow Hog

With its distinctive "X" shaped tread elements, the Snow Hog tire has an aggressive design made to p...
Carlisle Wheelbarrow Angled ViewCarlisle Wheelbarrow Tread


The Wheelbarrow tire is a versatile utility tire. Its rib design provides lateral traction. This tir...
Carlisle Power Trac Angled ViewCarlisle Power Trac Tread

Power Trac

The Carlisle Power Trac tire is the perfect choice for lawn and garden applications that require max...
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