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Turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability for your land. Complete any outdoor projects using our robust line of lawn, garden and golf tires.
Best Used For: Farm Equipment,Garden Tractors,Professional,Riding Mowers,Transport Vehicles,Wheelbarrows

The Carlisle AT101 Chevron tire is a specialized tire that offers exceptional traction and control for zero-turn mowers. With its muted lug depth, specialty bar design, and tapered corners, this tire provides the extra traction needed without sacrificing maneuverability or damaging the turf. Whether you’re mowing on wet grass or navigating through uneven terrain, the Carlisle AT101 Chevron tire delivers reliable performance and ensures optimal traction to tackle any challenge.

Product Highlights:

  • Muted lug depth for easy turning and extra traction
  • Specialty bar design for forward traction
  • Tapered corners and reduced in depth to provide power without shedding turf
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rim Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)PSIWeight (POUND)Additional Information
356035224x12.00-12 IMP424129.517102022.3
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rim Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSIWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
356035224x12.00-12 IMP4609.6303.8241.37762010.1

All Outdoor Power Equipment are Non-Highway Service (NHS) Tires.

† Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width.

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