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Turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability for your land. Complete any outdoor projects using our robust line of lawn, garden and golf tires.
Best Used For: Commercial Turf Equipment,Consumer,Golf Carts,Professional,Utility Vehicles
The Carlisle Turf CTR tire is the ideal choice for professional ZTR mowers that require a low-impact tire. With its minimized turf compaction tread design, broad shoulder design, and rounded profile, this tire allows for gentle and precise operation while maintaining the integrity of the turf. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner with a passion for maintaining a flawless lawn, the Turf CTR tire delivers the performance and reliability needed to tread lightly and achieve exceptional results.
Product Highlights:
  • Tread designed for minimized turf compaction
  • Broad shoulder design
  • Rounded profile
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rim Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)PSIWeight (POUND)Additional Information
151150122x11.00-8 IMP422.410.899351014.3
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rim Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSIWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
151150122x11.00-8 IMP4568.5274.1228.6424106.5

All Outdoor Power Equipment are Non-Highway Service (NHS) Tires. † Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width

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