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Turf CTR
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Turf CTR

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Enhance your lawn care routine with the Carlisle Turf CTR tire, the optimal choice for professional ZTR mowers seeking a low-impact solution. Say goodbye to turf compaction with the minimized turf compaction tread design, ensuring your lawn remains pristine after each mowing session. The broad shoulder design provides stability and control, enabling precise operation even on tight corners and slopes, while the rounded profile ensures gentle and precise movement, leaving behind a beautifully manicured finish. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner passionate about maintaining a lush lawn, the Carlisle Turf CTR tire delivers exceptional results while minimizing turf impact.
Product Highlights:
  • Minimized turf compaction tread design preserves lawn integrity
  • Broad shoulder design provides stability and precise operation
    • Rounded profile ensures gentle movement and beautifully manicured finish

    Technical Specifications

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    SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (in)Mounted width (in)Rim Width (in)Rated load (lb)PSIWeight (lb)Additional Information
    51150122x11.00-8 IMP422.410.899351014.3
    SKUSizePlyMounted diameter (mm)Mounted width (mm)Rim width (mm)Rated load (kg)PSIWeight (kg)Additional Information
    51150122x11.00-8 IMP4568.5274.1228.6424.1106.5

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