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Turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability for your land. Complete any outdoor projects using our robust line of lawn, garden and golf tires.
Carlisle Industrial Trax Angled ViewCarlisle Industrial Trax Tread

Industrial Trax

The Industrial Trax tire is designed for hard surface utility vehicle applications such as concessio...
Carlisle Tour Max® Angled ViewCarlisle Tour Max® Tread

Tour Max®

The Tour Max tire is a smooth riding tire designed primarily for golf cars and closed community vehi...
Carlisle Fairway Pro Angled ViewCarlisle Fairway Pro Tread

Fairway Pro

The Fairway Pro tire is an excellent value providing long hours of dependable performance on the cou...
Carlisle Turf Glide Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Glide Tread

Turf Glide

One of the original golf car tires, the Turf Glide tire has a tall sidewall to absorb impact and a t...
Carlisle Classic RB right angle

Classic RB

Classic RB is a high load capacity tire with a broad footprint for maximum turf protection....
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