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Turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability for your land. Complete any outdoor projects using our robust line of lawn, garden and golf tires.
Turf Master Plus angled viewTurf Master Plus Tread view

Turf Master® Plus

Contoured shoulder protectionDeep tread lugs in profile for optimized stability and tractionDurable ...
Carlisle Turf Smart® Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Smart® Tread

Turf Smart®

The Turf Smart tire provides traction, turf protection and durability for all of your grounds care n...
Carlisle Turf Master® Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Master® Tread

Turf Master®

Turf Master / Multi-Trac C/S professional grade tires feature our most durable compound with deep tr...
Carlisle Fast Trax® Angled ViewCarlisle Fast Trax® Tread

Fast Trax®

The Fast Trax tire offers increased traction combined with a low profile and is typically used on pr...
Carlisle Ultra Trac Turf and Lawn TireCarlisle Ultra Trac Turf and Lawn Tire Tread

Ultra Trac

The Ultra Trac tire is the right approach for those specialized applications where high flotation an...
Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S Angled ViewCarlisle Multi-Trac C/S Tread View

Multi-Trac C/S

Multi-Trac C/S professional grade tires feature our most durable compound with deep tread lugs in a ...
Carlisle Tru Power Angled ViewCarlisle Tru Power Tread

Tru Power

The Super Lug, Power Trac and Tru Power tires are most often found on garden tractors, tillers and t...
Carlisle Industrial Trax Angled ViewCarlisle Industrial Trax Tread

Industrial Trax

The Industrial Trax tire is designed for hard surface utility vehicle applications such as concessio...
Carlisle Xtrac® Angled ViewCarlisle Xtrac® Tread


The XTRAC tire is excellent for snow throwing equipment and other applications requiring aggressive ...
Carlisle Turf Trac R/S Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Trac R/S Tread View

Turf Trac R/S

The Turf Trac R/S tire offers all-around best performance in our residential product line. Applicati...
Carlisle Turf CTR Angled ViewCarlisle Turf CTR Tread

Turf CTR

The Turf CTR tire is a broad shouldered, low impact tire used on professional ZTR mowers when treadi...
Carlisle Smooth Angled ViewCarlisle Smooth Tread


Commonly used on front swivel casters for professional ZTR mowers, the Smooth tire has tapered edges...
Carlisle Straight Rib Angled ViewCarlisle Straight Rib Tread

Straight Rib

The Straight Rib tire is designed with tread grooves to channel moisture away from the contact patch...
Carlisle AT101 Chevron Angled ViewCarlisle AT101 Chevron Tread

AT101 Chevron

AT101 Chevron is a specialty lug design with bars that taper in the shoulder area. This feature, alo...
Carlisle Stud Angled ViewCarlisle Stud Tread


With its aggressive appearance, the Stud tire grips on a multitude of terrains including soft dirt a...
Carlisle Sawtooth® Angled viewCarlisle Sawtooth® Tread


The Sawtooth tire delivers smooth rolling performance for utility based equipment. Commonly used for...
Carlisle Super Lug Angled ViewCarlisle Super Lug Tread View

Super Lug

The Super Lug tires are most often found on garden tractors, tillers and trenchers. This powerful li...
Carlisle Tour Max® Angled ViewCarlisle Tour Max® Tread

Tour Max®

The Tour Max tire is a smooth riding tire designed primarily for golf cars and closed community vehi...
Carlisle Fairway Pro Angled ViewCarlisle Fairway Pro Tread

Fairway Pro

The Fairway Pro tire is an excellent value providing long hours of dependable performance on the cou...
Carlisle Snow Hog Angled ViewCarlisle Snow Hog Tread

Snow Hog

With its distinctive "X" shaped tread elements, the Snow Hog tire has an aggressive design made to p...
Carlisle Turf Saver® Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Saver® Tread

Turf Saver®

With its classic square shouldered design, the Turf Saver tire is the market leader for residential ...
Carlisle Turf Saver II Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Saver II Tread View

Turf Saver II

The Turf Saver II tire is a modified version of the Turf Saver. It features a round shoulder profile...
Carlisle Wheelbarrow Angled ViewCarlisle Wheelbarrow Tread


The Wheelbarrow tire is a versatile utility tire. Its rib design provides lateral traction. This tir...
Carlisle Power Trac Angled ViewCarlisle Power Trac Tread

Power Trac

The Carlisle Power Trac tire is the perfect choice for lawn and garden applications that require max...
Carlisle Turf Glide Angled ViewCarlisle Turf Glide Tread

Turf Glide

One of the original golf car tires, the Turf Glide tire has a tall sidewall to absorb impact and a t...
Carlisle Turf Armor right angle

Turf Armor

The Turf Armor's updated, rugged styling features a unique multi-angled tread pattern. The Turf Armo...
Carlisle Versa Turf Angled ViewCarlisle Versa Turf Tread

Versa Turf

Designed with a radial construction for improved flotation, the Versa Turf reduces turf disturbance ...
Carlisle Brand Flat-Free Tires CutawayCarlisle Brand Flat-Free Tires

Flat Free

Flat-free full assemblies are made with solid micro-cellular polyurethane material to reduce flat re...
Carlisle Classic RB right angle

Classic RB

Classic RB is a high load capacity tire with a broad footprint for maximum turf protection....
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Lawn, Garden and Industrial Tubes

Lawn, Garden and Industrial Tubes
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