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A Tire for Every Passion

A black and lime green Honda utility-terrain vehicle (UTV) with Carlstar Versa Trail tires parked on a dirt trail in a rural or wilderness area. The overcast sky adds a muted light, and sparse vegetation surrounds the UTV. The scene conveys a sense of isolation and remoteness.

There's a Carlstar Tire for That

In the world of specialty tires, one brand stands out for its versatility and commitment to meeting the unique needs of various industries. Carlstar has become synonymous with innovation, durability, and performance across a diverse range of applications. No matter your passion, whether it’s tending to your garden, hitting the open road with a high-speed trailer, navigating off-road terrain, powering through fields of crops, or tackling the demands of industrial and construction job sites, Carlstar has a tire crafted just for you and your projects.

Lawn, Garden, and Golf - Tires that Nurture Your Green Spaces

The love for greenery and pristine lawns is a passion shared by many. Carlstar recognizes the importance of maintaining lush landscapes and beautiful gardens. Because of that, we have designed a comprehensive line of tires tailored specifically for lawn, garden, and golf applications. Tires like the Turf Smart, Ultra Trac, and Fairway Pro are engineered to provide maximum traction without causing damage to delicate surfaces such as turf. The Carlstar lawn and garden tires ensure your outdoor haven stays beautiful while providing the necessary support for your lawn care equipment.

High-Speed Trailers - Where Safety Meets Speed

For those who crave the open road, whether it’s for business or pleasure, Carlstar has you covered. The high-speed trailer tires from Carlstar are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, stability, and safety for trailers at highway speeds. Like the Radial Trail HD, Carlstar trailer tires are designed to handle the unique challenges of towing heavy loads, ensuring a smooth and secure journey. With Carlstar, you can trust that your trailer is equipped with tires that prioritize speed, safety, and efficiency.

Industrial Equipment - Tough Treads for Demanding Terrains

When it comes to industrial applications, reliability and durability are paramount. From forklifts to skid steers, Carlstar’s industrial tires, like the Premium Wide Trac, are designed to navigate the most challenging terrains with ease and stand the test of time against the abuses of heavy usage. The rugged construction and advanced tread patterns ensure optimal traction and stability, allowing your industrial equipment to perform at its best in any environment. When the going gets tough, you can count on Carlstar to keep your operations moving forward. 

Powersports - Unleash Your Adventure with Confidence

For the adrenaline junkies and off-road enthusiasts, Carlstar’s powersports tires are engineered to take on the most demanding trails and terrains. Whether you’re tearing through mud, conquering rocky landscapes, or navigating sand dunes, Carlstar powersports tires like the PaveMaster or Stryker provide the grip and durability needed to tackle any adventure. These tires are crafted with the same passion for performance that fuels your love for powersports.

Agriculture and Construction Equipment - Tires for the Field and Beyond

The backbone of our civilization lies in the hands of those working the fields and building our infrastructure. Carlstar understands the equipment demands of agriculture and construction and has developed a comprehensive range of tires from the Farm Specialist R-1-HA to the Xtra Grip R-4 and everything in between to meet these challenges head-on. From farm implements to tractors, skid steers to backhoes, Carlstar’s agriculture and construction tires are built to endure the rigors of heavy-duty use. With Carlstar, you can trust that your equipment is equipped with tires that deliver unmatched durability and reliability.

Tubes and Flaps - Reinforcing Reliability

Carlstar’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions extends beyond tires to include tubes and flaps. These essential components play a crucial role in maintaining tire integrity and performance. Carlstar’s tubes and flaps are crafted with the same precision and dedication as their tires, ensuring that your entire tire system is fortified for maximum reliability and peace of mind on the job. When it comes to supporting your tires, trust Carlstar to deliver quality from the inside out.

Carlstar has earned its reputation as a tire manufacturer that understands the diverse passions and needs of its customers. Whether you’re a green-thumb enthusiast, a high-speed traveler, an industry professional, a powersports thrill seeker, or a farmer tending to the needs of our communities, Carlstar has a tire crafted specifically for you.

The journey of passion is diverse, and so are the tires that accompany you along the way. Carlstar’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that, no matter where your passion lies, you can trust that there’s a Carlstar tire ready to support you. Our goal is to help you pursue your passion with confidence, knowing that Carlstar has your back.

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