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High-Speed Trailer

As a leader in the trailer tire market, our specialty trailer tires use advanced technology that offers protection and durability for both work and play.
Best Used For: All Purpose

Experience superior performance and peace of mind with the Carlisle Radial Trail HD tire. Designed with a unique tread pattern that ensures even wear over time, this tire is the epitome of durability and reliability. As the leading trailer tire in the industry, the Radial Trail HD tire is engineered with heat-resistant technology, providing exceptional performance in demanding conditions while meeting DOT standards. Upgrade your trailer with the Carlisle Radial Trail HD tire and experience the difference it makes. Don’t compromise on safety, reliability, and longevity. Trust in the tire that sets the industry standard. Drive with confidence, knowing that your trailer is equipped with the Carlisle Radial Trail HD tire – the ultimate companion for your towing adventures.

Product highlights:

  • Tested to withstand high levels of heat on the road
  • High-tensile belt package constructed to resist punctures
  • Optimized for low rolling resistance
  • Often used on RV, towable utility, boat, horse and stock trailers
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizeLoad RangeMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rim Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)PSITread DepthRated Speed (MILE_PER_HOUR)Weight (POUND)Additional Information
15151311ST145/12D21.45.941220659 /327515.4Radial Trail RH Tread Pattern
25151321ST145/12E21.4641520809 /327515.9Radial Trail RH Tread Pattern
36H04511ST175/80R13C24.1751360508 /328117.9
46H04521ST175/80R13D24.1751570658 /328118.2
56H04531ST185/80R13C24.77.251480508 /328118.8
66H04541ST185/80R13D24.77.251710658 /328119.2
76H04551ST205/75R14C26.17.85.51760509 /328123
86H04561ST205/75R14D26.17.85.52040659 /328124.1
96H04571ST215/75R14C26.78.361870509 /328123.5
106H04581ST205/75R15C27.17.85.51820509 /328124.2
116H04591ST205/75R15D27.17.85.52150659 /328125
176H04601ST225/75R15C28.38.662150509 /328128
126H04611ST225/75R15D28.38.662540659 /328128.8
136H04621ST225/75R15E28.18.862830809 /328130
146H04631ST235/80R16E30.896.535208010 /327534.5
156H04641ST235/85R16E31.79.36.536408012 /327538
166H04651ST235/85R16F31.79.36.539609512 /327541
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizeLoad RangeMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rim Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSITread DepthRated Speed (KILOMETER_PER_HOUR)Weight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
15151311ST145/12D543.1149.4101.6553657.11207Radial Trail RH Tread Pattern
25151321ST145/12E544.6152.7101.6690807.11207.2Radial Trail RH Tread Pattern

† Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width

*NOTE: Tire PSI shown is the Recommended PSI

**NOTE: Sizes with asterisks have the Radial Trail tread pattern. 

Inspections and Replacement of Trailer Tires

Dirt Trax's AJ Lester talks about the regular inspection and replacement of your trailer tires. Watch what he has to say about that and learn more about our specialty trailer tires.
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