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Are You Passionate About Your Land?

Whether you’re cultivating for the growing season, harvesting your yield from the family farm, or tending to the never-ending to-do list, your focus is on creating a sustainable operation and protecting your precious cargo.

Is The Outdoors Calling You?

Your focus is on creating unforgettable experiences and spending quality time with your family and friends enjoying everything that the outdoors has to offer.

Are You A Jack of All Trades?

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. Some are five-month long home-improvements while others are a simple weekend filled with planting fresh flowers.

Do You Handle Hefty Loads?

Your job is your passion and having the right tools are critical to your credibility. Our Carlstar branded tire and wheels assure that no matter what task or project you are faced with, your tires and wheels will keep you on time and on budget.


Lawn & Garden Time Is Here

As spring blooms and the world awakens from its winter slumber, it’s time to gear up for the green season. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn care professional or a homeowner with a passion for maintaining the perfect lawn, Carlstar Tires has got you covered. This April, we’re celebrating Lawn & Garden Month by showcasing some of our top-of-the-line outdoor power equipment tires designed specifically for riding and zero turn (ZTR) mowers. Let’s dive into the tire lineup that will take your lawn care abilities to the next level.

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Carlisle Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Equipment

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