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The Great Debate: Radial vs. Bias

Blog, Trailer Tire Tips: 15.05.2018

There’s more to it than just getting the right size tire. You should take tire construction taken into account, there are two types of tires – Bias and Radials.

Bias vs Radial Tires Explained

Radial Tires
To increase structural integrity, radial tires are constructed with perpendicular polyester plies and crisscrossing steel belts underneath the tread. This construction provides a smooth ride and extends the life of the tire.

Used for: Long-haul towing: travel trailers, toy haulers, larger boats and livestock

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Speciality Trailer Tire Angled View Radial Trail HD:

  • Best-in-class
  • Premium rubber compounds to dissipate heat
  • High tensile belt package for increased impact resistance
  • Even pressure distribution proving better gas mileage and longer treadwear

Bias Tires
A bias tire’s construction consists of internally crisscrossing nylon cord plies at a 30 to 45-degree angle to the tread centerline. This design gives the tire a tough and rugged build and increases sidewall puncture resistance.

Used for: Local applications: Construction, agriculture, marine, utility applications

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Trailer Tire Sport Trail LH:

  • Excellent robust construction
  • Designed with a wider shoulder to reduce rolling resistance
  • Innovative tread and contour to reduce road noise and prevent heat build-up
  • Outperformed DOT standards by 3 ½ times longer than regulations required
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