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Escape to the outdoors with exceptional ride and traction. With a broad range of utility and performance ATV/UTV tires, we prove that terrain is no match for an aggressively, smooth ride.
Best Used For: ATV,Hard Pack,Intermediate Surfaces,SxS,Utility Vehicles

The Carlisle All Trail tire is specifically designed to excel on hard surface conditions. With its tightly grooved tread design, low, wide profile, extended-wear tread compound, and suitability for intermediate to hard surfaces, this tire offers stability, reduced chassis roll, extended tire life, and responsive handling. Experience a smooth and controlled ride on hard terrains with the All Trail tire, designed to optimize performance and enhance your ATV / UTV experience.

Product Highlights:

  • Tightly grooved tread design for stability on hard-packed terrain
  • Low, wide profile for reduced soft wallowing chassis roll
  • Extended-wear tread compound
  • Intermediate to hard surfaces
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Diameter (INCH)Mounted Width (INCH)Rated Load (POUND)PSITread DepthWeight (POUND)Additional Information
66P033425x10.00-12NHS424.910.59052019 /3224.2
86P067127X9.00-14 NHS427.98.99102016 /3223.6
96P067227X11.00-14 NHS428.11111702216 /3229.5
251150623x8.00-12NHS423.78.46752219 /3219.9
451150725x8.00-12NHS424.88.47852219 /3218.6
751150825x10.50-12424.810.19352020 /3224.1
1510016122x11.00-10421.910.38802216 /3221
4511505123x10.50-12423.110.38252020 /3223
151001622x11.00-10NHS421.910.18802216 /3219.3
351150523x10.50-12423.110.18252020 /3222.2
Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizePlyMounted Load Diameter (MILLIMETER)Mounted Width (MILLIMETER)Rated Load (KILOGRAM)PSITread DepthWeight (KILOGRAM)Additional Information
86P067127X9.00-14 NHS4707.4226.64132012.710.7
96P067227X11.00-14 NHS4713.7279.45312212.713.4
NHS tires are Non-Highway Service Tires. “AT” tires are designed for ATV applications. “NHS” tires are designed for Utility Vehicle applications. † Indicates mounted diameter and mounted width
*NOTE: “AT” tires are STAR Rated. “NHS” tires are Ply Rated. (PR).
Proposition 65 Warning Proposition 65 Warning
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