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Built to be tough, our industrial tires are used in a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. Engineered to reduce equipment downtime these are proven performers for material handling, forklifts, and airport ground support.
Carlisle Premium Wide Trac Tire Angled ViewCarlisle Premium Wide Trac Tire Tread View

Premium Wide Trac

The Premium Wide Trac tire offers superior level design with an extra heavy-duty sidewall for materi...
Carlisle Industrial Deep Traction Tire Angled ViewCarlisle Industrial Deep Traction Tire Tread View

Industrial Deep Traction

With its flat tread and reinforced beads, the Industrial Deep Traction tire is an essential standard...
Carlisle Road Roller Industrial Tire Angled ViewCarlisle Road Roller Industrial Tire Tread View

Road Roller

The Road Roller tire offers a smooth and steady tread for a consistent and leveled ride. With superi...
Carlisle Industrial All Purpose Tire Angle ViewCarlisle Industrial All Purpose Tire Tread View

Industrial All Purpose

Designed with two different rib patterns throughout the tread, the Industrial All Purpose tire prese...
Ground Force® 400 right angleGround Force® 400 tread

Ground Force® 400 Assembly

Ground Force® 400 is a flat-free solid aperture skid steer tire that delivers superior tractio...
Carlisle Ground Force Ultra Rib GSE Tire Angled ViewCarlisle Ground Force Ultra Rib GSE Tread View

Ground Force® Ultra Rib GSE

Combined with a sturdy rib tread pattern and premium tread compounds, the Ground Force Ultra® Rib G...
Ground Force 300 G-2 right angleGround Force 300 G-2 front

Ground Force® 300 G-2

The Ground Force® 300 G-2 is designed for stability. With its cut-resistant tread compound and self...
Ground Force LFT right angleGround Force LFT front

Ground Force® LFT

Ground Force® LFT is a low profile tire designed for boom lifts. Reinforced shoulders and a wide ce...
Ground Force® 400 right angleGround Force® 400 tread

Ground Force® 400 R-4

Ground Force® 400 R-4 features a robust sidewall design and tread compound ideal for gene...
Ground Force 400 MX right angleGround Force 400 MX right angle

Ground Force® 400 MX

The Ground Force® 400 MX is a severe duty multi-surface skid steer tire. It has a reinfor...
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