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Ocean Freight Forwarding

Carlstar has a long terms cooperation with many shipping companies over the world, the good relationship enable us to freely choose the excellent liner in China as well as other countries to meet your demand, to act according to actual circumstances for your cargo in transportation on sea.

China ocean shipping

We offer our customers with high-quality ocean freight forwarding service, including FCL and LCL shpping from China (Shezhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, Tianjin, Dalian, Pearl River Delta ports, Yangtze River Ports and Hong Kong) to Europe, North, South and Central America, Caribbean, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea,Oceania, Africa, Asia and So on.

Welcome you to contact we Carlstar on ocean freight forwarding service in China!

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Cargo Consolidation / LCL Service = Less Container Load

We also handles cargo consolidation and LCL service from different factories. Moreover, we have warehouses located in all ports of China with advanced facilities, which can provide the services of cargo packaging.

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Air Freight Forwarding

The professional air department of Carlstar could provide you the quality airlift service from China to the world by closely cooperating with all large airline companies. Sending your cargo by air from China swiftly by a air freight forwarding company in Chia.

China Air freight forwarding service

Carlstar offers our customers with high-quality airfreight forwarding service from China (Shezhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Xiamen, Tianjin) to Europe, North, South and Central America, Mediterranean Sea, Oceania and So on. Welcome you to contact we Carlstar on air freight forwarding service in China!

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Domestic Trucking Service 

          The transportation service mode is door to door, includes professional container trucking transport and ton car inland service.

Trunking/ Haulage in China

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Warehouse/Storage Service 

          The branches or agents which located in Shenzhen, Guangzhou of Guangdong Province are all have theirlarge storehouses, by which can provide you the excellent storage and tally services, in the aspects of packing, checkout, LC services before shipment.

Warhousing /Stowage Service in China

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Custom Clearance Service 

          Several professionals with qualified custom clearance can offer you the inspection and custom declare for your export or import shipment. the person is specially assigned for the whole handling process of your cargo and always ready for your consultation of relative problems.

Custom Clearance in China

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Insurance Service 

          The cargo transportation insurance is also included in our business. We always harmonized with your handling process and offer you the relative consultation.

Shipping Insurance in China

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Document-making Service 

          We also charge affaires as applying for Certificate of origin and its embassy visa; G.S.P Certificate of Origin FORM A and the other relative documents for export shipments.

Document-making service in China

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